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Textbook Rental Program: Cutting Costs for Students
The cost of textbooks/course materials is a significant concern for college and university students through–out the country. Recent studies indicate that most full-time college students spend between $700 – $950 per year on textbooks/course materials. The University of Alabama’s Textbook Rental Program is one way of reducing costs to students.
Advantages of Textbook Rental Program:
  • Reduces the cost of textbooks/course materials for students
  • Reduces the upfront financial outlay for students at the beginning of each semester
  • Provides an alternative textbook option, in addition to
  • other options such as new and
    used books, binder-ready copies, and digital versions
  • Assists with compliance with The Higher Education Opportunity Act
  • Increases awareness among faculty about the benefits of multi-term textbook adoption commitments, benefitting both students who rent and students who sell back books
  • Supports environmental responsibility by encouraging the re-use of textbooks
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